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Protecting your business against wintry conditions

28 Dec 2016

Ensuring that your business has adequate protection against the winter weather is essential.

However, it is not just snow and ice that UK businesses must watch out for: many areas of the country have been experiencing disruptive bouts of flooding in recent months.

In light of this, you may wish to review your business's 'bad weather' contingency plans, and ensure that your firm has suitable insurance to protect against a range of adverse weather conditions.

These plans should cover unexpected incidents, including safeguarding against the risk of flooding or burst pipes.

Consider whether you want to limit cover to specific risks, such as flooding or fire, or whether you want to provide more general cover.

Always take into account the level of cover you require for the premises (if you own the building), alongside any equipment and stock.

Additionally, in more extreme conditions, it may be practical to offer your employees the option of working from home, so you should make sure that you have the appropriate IT systems in place. Taking this preventive measure will help to safeguard staff, as well as provide ongoing cover for your business if your premises has to close.